Arcvédő-fül faragása

Behind the scenes

Before I finally wrote these lines I was struggling with myself whether to do it at all or not. The reason is very simple. Lots of fatigue, experimentation, rejection, and often a waste of precious raw material is part of the road, which is part of the world of behind-the-scenes for each craft. I think everyone who intended to do so must learn from their own experiences, because people do not appreciate the things done by someone else at the same level as things they have to struggle with, sometimes really seriously. Moreover, I particularly reject “copy artists”.

Nevertheless, I reasoned that everything I got, I got for free, and from all this what is possible, and what can not cause any harm to myself, I gladly share with others. For example, the basic techniques of construction, the process of template preparation after specific dimensions, or piling techniques. The rest is just a matter of creative individuality, and how to use them.

Let’s start at the beginning. First, the questions.

What do you want to make? What purpose does it serve? What areas will be used? According to this, what quality, thickness and colour of the raw materials do you require? What dimensions are required for the product to be created? What kind of technique would you like to use to put it together and decorate?

I suggest that you start to make the simplest objects where the possibility of error is minimized. So even if some difficulties arise, these can easily be handled, and once the work is completed, the sense of success is incentive to make the next subject. Thus, over time, gradually more serious and technically complex tasks can be completed.

Following this principle, I would like to present a part of the work process, from the simple objects to more serious leather products.

I suggest that you follow me. 🙂